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11/21/04 : NWGL Season 2 Champs
08/05/04 : Savage Champs
05/14/04 : On the Up & Up
04/08/04 : Additions to Savage Team
03/25/04 : CAL Week 4 Results
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NWGL Season 2 Champs 11/21/04
Affliction wins it's second Newerth Wargrounds League title, facing off against the best teams in the game Savage. The finals match was played against the Demons clan on a custom map called whiteout2. We walked away with the 2-0 victory, ending…
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Savage Champs 08/05/04
Tonight we played Invictus for the finals of the first season of the NWGL league coming out of it victorious after just escaping a near loss in the first round. Since the merger where we obtained a few players from team Abuse and a new commander,…
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On the Up & Up 05/14/04
The new lineup for Savage is going very well. Since the acquisition of our new members the team has gone undefeated on the SGL
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Additions to Savage Team 04/08/04
We have been trying to recruit for Savage since we first picked up the game, and up until now have been unsuccessful in doing so. All of our players were brought in from other games we had played with them and we've learned how to play Savage tog…
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CAL Week 4 Results 03/25/04
We continued the CAL season on Sunday, playing my buddies in Supreme Mercenaries on supplydepot.

The match started with us on offense, as we ran through the barriers with some resistance, but managing to cap the gold in about 7 mi…
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